New records being added all the time!

Physical achievements

Greatest number of squats of a naked woman 
Fastest to put bra on and off. 
Greatest Powerlifting "Squat" (Male) 
Most sit ups in one minute (female) 
Most naked women on a standard sized double bed 
Largest mass rope jump 
Most Press-ups (female)
Most simultaneous hula hoops
Greatest number of "pull ups" (Female)
Most bra's unhooked with one hand in 20 seconds.
Biggest nude skydiving formation
Most nude skydives 
Most naked women in phone box
Longest car journey completed entirely naked
Greatest male skier to ski naked
Most tennis balls held without the aid of clothing or any other equipment
Women's 100m freestyle swimming
Greatest naked figure skating performance
Longest Time Standing Naked in the Rain
Most naked women held off the ground by one man
Naked Limbo
Most regulation soccer balls held without the aid of clothing or any other equipment
Human pyramid (female)
Human pyramid (male)
Fastest skipping (Female)
Greatest "incline bench press" (female)
Most naked women on a trampoline 
Most naked people in a tree 
Most naked people in a boat 
Most naked people in hot tub 
Greatest number of bicep curls of a naked woman 

The Naked Body

Largest natural breasts
Largest (enhanced) breasts
Most Gravity Defying Natural Breasts
Greatest number of breasts!
Largest Testes
Longest Nipples 
Largest Penis
Tallest Nudist 
Smallest bikini (covering vital parts)
Smallest bikini (unrestricted)


Tallest Playmate 
Shortest Playmate 
Lightest Playmate 
Heaviest Playmate 
Oldest Playmate 
Largest Breasted Playmate 
First appearance of pubic hair in Playboy. 
First Playmate to show pubic hair. 
First issue with identical twins in centerfold 
First issue with identical triplets in centerfold 
First centerfold without pubic hair 
First male to show full frontal nudity in Playboy
The oldest person to appear in a Playboy pictorial
Most appearances on the cover of Playboy


First major recording artist to perform naked 
First naked comedy show featuring professional comics
First man to stand naked at both North and South poles
First man to stand naked on top of everest
World's first naked Taiko drum ensemble
World's first naked orchestra
First naked touring rock group
First naked crossing of the European Alps
First naked walk from Lands End to John o'Groats
First naked aircraft flight
First picture of naked person transmitted over the internet
First "Page 3" girl
First strip poker computer game

Track and field Athletics

Fastest Male 5000m naked run 
Fastest Female 5000m naked run 
Fastest female 50m sprint
Men's Pole Vault


Worlds largest all nude race 
Greatest number of naked people in an art installation 
First ever naked fragrance fashion show
World's largest naked protest
Biggest writing made from naked people
Most naked people on rollercoaster
World's biggest naked disco
Largest bodypainting festival
Largest nude wedding
World's Largest Outdoor Nude Beauty Pageant
Largest gathering of naked skaters
World's longest organised nude run
World's largest nude volleyball tournament
World's largest strip rock-paper-scissors tournament
World's largest strip poker tournament
Largest mass breastfeed
Greatest number of nudists in a maze

Photographs, film, radio and television

World's biggest collection of freely available photographs of celebrities naked. 
World's most visited naked celebrity website. 
Highest resolution photograph of a naked person available on the internet. 
Largest fine imposed for public nudity 
Most naked people in a television advert 
Longest-running nude broadcast in radio history.
Greatest figure skater to pose naked
Greatest male bodybuilder to pose naked
Greatest female bodybuilder to pose naked
Strongest woman chess player to pose naked.
Greatest female athlete (as defined by Olympic medals) ever to pose naked
First woman to appear naked in a feature film
First mainstream feature to show female pubic hair
First mainstream American feature to show both full male and female nudity
First full frontal nudity of a major Hollywood actor in feature film
Most valuable naked photos
Largest number of people posing naked for photograph 
Most wealthy woman ever to pose naked
Most wealthy man ever to pose naked
Most wealthy woman ever to be caught naked by paparazzi
Oldest person to pose for a naked charity calendar
Heaviest woman ever to pose naked
Tallest woman to pose entirely naked.
World's most downloaded naked woman on the internet


World's most acrobatic stripper
World's fastest male stripper
World's tallest stripper
World's oldest headlining stripper
World's heaviest stripper
World's tallest male stripper
World's shortest stripper
World's oldest stripper (male)


Most widely-seen streaker
First woman to streak down Hollywood Boulevard
World's most prolific streaker (Male)
World's most prolific streaker (Female)
Largest streak


Largest mass mooning 
Longest running mooning event


World's most visited naturist web site
World's most visited fine art nude photography web site 
World's largest naturist dating web site 
World's largest naturist resort
World's largest gentleman's club
Largest naked scuba diving group
Biggest and most successful naked news broadcast company