First picture of naked person transmitted over the internet

The first nude photograph(s) were uploaded by a registered user of the "Alter-Net" Adults Only Areas on October 4th, 1985, which consisted of a scan of one of Madonna's Nude photographs from the September 1985 issue of Playboy, and, the user's wife, in a matching pose. The Playboy shot was immediately removed so as to avoid copyright issues, and a suggestion that other users compare the wife's photo to the shot in Playboy was put in it's place. From that humble start, the word spread, and Alter-Net became the first Multi address / Multi CPU BBS system dedicated exclusively to the Adult Community. Given the heavy demand and the slowness of pre-internet dial-up modem technology ( the download of a single photograph could take an hour or more ), Alter-Net soon expanded to Alter-Net II, III & IV as well to better serve the global adult community.

With the dawning of the Internet, Alter-Net was retired in favor of a the now more conventional WebSite approach to content delivery, and became "Camelot" ( One of the earliest Adult WebSites. Camelot was retired after a year or so as the owner didn't care for the direction the "industry" was taking, and allowed others to carry the torch.

Alter-Net was founded in May 1985 by Michael Aronson (US).

Madonna Nude - first picture of naked person sent over the internet
Madonna Nude - first picture of naked person sent over the internet

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