World's biggest collection of freely available photographs of celebrities naked.

We suspect this award must go to Robb's Official Celebrity OOps!. This site has pictures of almost every naked celebrity you can think of, all for free. This picture is of a naked Angelina Jolie, but they also have Britt Ekland naked, Dita Von Teese naked (unsurprisingly!). Other celebs include Gwyneth Paltrow naked, Kate Winslet naked, Jodie Foster naked and Jane Fonda topless in Barbarella.

April 2008 - NEWSFLASH: We have just heard the sad news that Robb Douglass has passed away and his site is no longer with us. We now suspect this record should be awarded to Sunflower Celebs.

Angelina Jolie naked
Angelina Jolie nude

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